Performance Testing Result summary

Complex testing scenario delays unit load times when teleporting due to low game server CPU at 5000 users

Performance testing result

※ Response time refers to the time until data is received from the server.
※ FPS monitoring is checked in a mobile emulator.

Performance testing result detail

Real-time monitoring of virtual user status. Response time, CPU, Memory, session count, error …

Performance testing

Game servers use 97% CPU and 33% memory for 5,000 users.

Performance testing

Response time delay issue

World Sync Update response time average 121ms for 5,000 users. Using “World Sync Update” to Synchronize data between users.

Delay of more than 2 seconds based on teleport, Server goes down due to lack of Ubuntu Kernel Network Buffer Size when users are concentrated in a particular region

Performance testing

Consistency testing result detail

After registering, cancelling, and purchasing with 100,000 users access to the exchange, the amount of use of the goods is exactly the same

  • Running time : 3 Hour
  • Target ID : 100,000 users (ID: C9000000 ~ C9099999)
  • Item & Potion price: 100,000
  • Item & Potion buy : 100,000 times

Database data check list

Consistency testing

※ All exchange data were deleted and proceeded before the transaction consistency test.

Game Performance Testing Video