Game Overview

  • Mobile Game(MMORPG)
  • Brand new launch in May 2021
  • Game Client Type: Unity + Visual Studio C# (2019)

Performance Testing Purpose

  • Optimizing Game Server performance and securing reliability

Micro Focus LoadRunner 2020 SP3


5,000 concurrent user connected performance

Performance Testing Scenarios

  • Attack Monster : Monster attack performance
  • Continent teleport performance
  • Dungeon teleport performance
  • Item consistency testing
  • Long time stability testing
Game Performance testing


  • Load generation is in the Amazon cloud environment
  • Target system : Game Server 1ea, Auth server 1ea, DB server 1ea
  • LoadRunner : Controller 1ea, Load Generator 10ea
Performance testing Environment

VuGen Script Coding

VuGen Script uses the function call of client application using .net protocol.

Performance testing Environment
Performance testing Environment

VuGen Script Run

Direct access to mobile devices to check virtual users' game patterns and ensure they are healthy

Performance testing runnging

Complex Testing Scenario

The key scenarios are defined around the attack of monsters, maximum accessible users and game server resource check

Performance testing Scenario